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New Research Answers Question Every College Wants to Know... Why Do Students Leave Higher Ed and How Do We Get Them Back?

So many people start college and never finish. A joint study conducted by StraighterLine and UPCEA addresses four main questions:

  • Who leaves college?
  • Why do they leave?
  • Who comes back?
  • How do we get them back?

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"This research highlights the critical need for institutions to know their students and engage with them on their terms. Modern learners are unique, and so too are their needs and preferences. It is imperative that institutions cultivate meaningful connections to their students from the moment they enter the enrollment funnel. Life happens, students disengage. In this increasingly competitive marketplace, it is essential that institutions have an established relationship and tactics of engagement with their disengaged learners to bring them back into the fold.”  

- Jim Fong, Chief Research Officer | UPCEA

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