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Is the transfer process a one-time opportunity to increase student enrollment?

As universities and colleges work with students to achieve their educational goals, policies need to be evaluated to better implement transfer friendliness. Empirical research conducted by StraighterLine and UPCEA identified students’ lived experiences and perceptions regarding transferring institutions. The results of the study focus on students:

  • transfer behavior
  • motivations for transferring
  • important factors in making the decision to transfer
  • challenges in transferring
  • level of communication received from institutions during the transfer process

Research findings available in white paper, Students' Lived Experiences in Transferring Credits

"From an institutional perspective, our research indicates there is a one-time opportunity to attract transfer students as most will not change institutions again. These findings are a great place to start for higher ed institutions that are serious about meeting the needs of adult learners.”  

- Jim Fong, Chief Research Officer | UPCEA